01 / 02 / 2014
Pablo Prez Palacio


Today Im just thinking of the lines of a face,
A Cretan goddess,
Of an open and wild island,
Just three waving curls caressing your sand cheeks.
An endless loss

Where the time became eyes glancing at me,
I wished!
Straight to me!
Look at me!

Turn your neck and let the light dazzle,
Stealth my will making up those shadows of golden contrasts,
I just want to be I-me-myself,
Let me reach the night out at your secret beach, intimate,
Let me be reborn with the rhythm of a holy kiss.

Leave me, Im just a man,
Stop glancing at me, not anymore,
The vibration of your memories became huge, vast,
Im just a man,
My capacity to bear the pain of the absence of your beauty is broken,
I feel sorry for myself,
But Im just a man.

I die once,
When I would, every night, every day,
Like the tongues of water and salt that ends on your skin,
Jealous of the sea,
Jealous of the air that shapes you,
Im just a man of an ending time and space,
Im sorry to be what I am