… facing a total meaning absence, utterly immersed in a luck of game drive, between the freedom and the necessity, I constantly ask to myself about the senses, those ones I am seeking and sometimes I find for each issue, for personal aspects or the one’s of the other. If I cannot find them, I will imagine them been awarded. I need to build the order “outside” to translate what is “inside”. Finding a life possibility where colour and composition are the tools, the elements I dispose of essential staging: my own order.

It is through different languages experimentation of the emotion felt and the thought when I found myself with the complete spherical concepts. Those ivory towers in my imagination, and how to translate them with no crevice suffered. I am facing the impossibility of bringing the “inside” ”outside” through one of the languages. Then, what other thing could one become but “a polyglot from the felt reflection”?

My process start with the standard of the written word and will continue evolve and crystallizing into painting, photography or any other visual language able to share part of the essential fragments of “the enclosed idea”. I end up with the process when the right staged order, inside of an own context and with clear sense for me, as one other aspect of the artwork itself.